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[TUTORIAL] How To Extract Files From an Nvidia Stock ROM (Factory Restore)
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Posted: 01-24-2015, 11:20 AM
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I recently purchased a Nvidia Shield tablet and was happy to discover that some of the development aspects are pretty similar to Samsung devices. I wrote tutorials for several Samsung devices that detail this same process and thought it would be good to post one for the Nvidia Shield Tablet. Emotion_smile

Now to start off, this does not automatically make you a Super Duper Developer, this does not show you how to make your own ROMs. What it does do is show you how to pull files from those stock leaked/official ROMs so that you can proceed to make yourself into a Super Duper Developer! Emotion_wink

In essence if the Developer knows what they are doing they could use this method to extract all the files from the build and could then add them to a ZIP and have a stock odexed ROM within minutes and do it all through Windows! Emotion_grin

So let's begin!

We've all seen the stock restore images Nvidia provides. How often have you wanted to look inside them and see what is inside before flashing? There are several ways to do it and the most common answer requires Linux and other utilities. This tutorial gives you the ability to do that through Windows and without having to extract the full ROM. These instructions are specific to the Nvidia Shield Tablet but with some tweaking can be used on several devices.

Each stock restore release contains multiple files. Each of these files corresponds to a specific partition on your device. These files are formatted to be mounted by your device but not by a computer. We will be converting them from a .img partition type to an ext4.img type partition so we can mount them and read them through Windows. For this tutorial we will be opening up the system.img (the system files partition).

Before you dive in there are a few things you'll need.
- A PC running Windows.
- A stock Nvidia restore.
- DiskInternals Linux Reader (must be installed on the Windows PC). You can download DiskInternals Linux Reader here.
- SGS2toEXT4 Utility available here. *Be sure to extract the JAR file from the ZIP archive.
- 7-Zip available here.


  1. Right click on the stock restore ZIP and select Open with 7-Zip.
  2. Extract system.img to your desktop (or folder of choice).
  3. Run the sgs2toext4.jar utility. A window titled "Drop .img here" will popup.
  4. Take the system.img icon and drag and drop it into the white space on the "Drop .img here" window. It will now create a new file on your desktop titled system.ext4.img.
  5. Close the "Drop .img here" window.
  6. Open DiskInternals Linux Reader.
  7. Select "Mount image" from the column on the left.
  8. Make sure the "Raw Disk Images" option is selected and press Next.
  9. Navigate to where you sgs2toext4.jar saved system.ext4.img and select it (this will normally be the same folder as where the original system.img was located).
  10. You will now see a new Hard Disk Drive titled "Linux Ext Volume 1".
    You can now select the drive and navigate it the same as you would on your device.
    *You can mount multiple ext4 images at one time so make sure you select the right one.
  11. To extract a file you select/highlight it and then press save at the top. This will extract the file from the ext4 partition and save it to Windows.

Congratulations you have unpacked your first system.img!
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